The MIT China Future City Lab is a research and entrepreneurship program which focuses on challenges of urban development in China. 

The China Future City Lab addresses challenges and issues related to urbanization in China; we mobilize the vision, research expertise, experience, talent, creativity, and other resources of MIT to identify innovative concepts and develop novel tools, technologies and solutions that are applicable to the obstacles and opportunities seen in China’s growing cities. China Future City Lab is hosted at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning.


-The best Urban Planning school
-35 labs and over 1000 faculty
-Cutting-edge technologies


-Research is grounded to be relevant to industry needs
-Support network and resources for entrepreneurship


-MIT entrepreneur alumni have generated $2 trillion in revenue, through >30k successful startups
-Innovation in all sectors and industries, all working towards improving human welfare


Richard Lester
MIT-Tsinghua FCIC Co-Chair
Associated Provost MIT
Bin Yang
MIT-Tsinghua FCIC Co-Chair
Provost and Vice President, Tsinghua University
Changfeng Ling
MIT-Tsinghua FCIC Vice Chair
China CEO of HongKong Land
Eran Ben-Joseph
Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Head of MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Sandy Pentland
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program Director
Hashim Sarkis
Lianne Winter Professor of Architecture and Planning, Dean of MIT School Architecture and Planning
Dennis Frenchman
Associate Dean, MIT School of Architecture and Planning
Vladimir Bulović
Associate Dean for Innovation, MIT School of Engineering
Professor of Engineering, MacVicar Fellow
Fariborz Maseeh (1990) Chair in Emerging Technology
Margorie Yang
Chairman of Esquel Group
Zhi Yan
Chairman of Zall Group Ltd.
Yasheng Huang
Professor of Global Economics and Management, Associate Dean of MIT Sloan School of Management
Gang Chen
Professor and Head of MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering


  • China Resources Land
  • Fosun Property
  • Henan ChengYu Group
  • HongKong Land Holdings Limited
  • Nashwork
  • Tianyi Holdings
  • Tusincere Science City Investment Group Co., Ltd
  • Zall Group

Quotes from our Founding Members

Xiao Man
General Manager of Industry Innovation Department, China Resources Land

“We believe, by cooperating with MIT-CFC, we can fully leverage MIT’s advantage in scientific research, experience and talents to explore creative tools, technology and strategy for understanding and dealing with the challenges that we are facing in our business. CR Land is devoted to facilitating China’s urbanization, transformation and development, and we are confident that the collaboration between CR Land and MIT will be beneficial to this course by including MIT as a constructive force.”

Bin Liu
Global Partner, Fosun Group; Co-president, Fosun Property

“There is a saying by Confucius, which says "after you improve yourself, you can manage your family, after your family is managed, you can govern your states and bring justice and virtue to the World", this saying has been an inspiration for the core values and principal of Fosun since its inception of" Family, Work and Help the World". We are looking forward to our cooperation with MIT, and we hope to implement the outcome of those research in our Hive City projects, and contribute to the positive development of cities in China and beyond.”

Yanwei Ma
Chairman and CEO, Henan ChengYu Group

“The launch of CFC Lab is on time. China has made lots of significant efforts on urbanization in the last decades and I hope the lab can impact a lot in the future by gathering global talents. Make the cities better, make the life better. We can make a great contribution to the Chinese society together.”

Robert Wong
Chief Executive, HongKong Land Holdings Limited

“CFC Lab is a useful platform for HK Land to stimulate new ideas within our company and at the same time to fortify our business in China. I’m very much looking forward to working with the lab so that we can contribute more to the cities in China and also we hope to link to other corporations looking for new ideas.”

Jian Zhang
Founder and CEO, Nashwork

“We think the future of the Chinese cities will be different because of the technical development, such as big data, AI, IoT, etc. I believe in the near future, by the cooperation with CFC, the real estate industry, the two universities, Tsinghua and MIT, the researchers and the startups, we can make the cities more beautiful.”

Peng Zhou
Vice Chairman, Tianyi Holdings

“I sincerely hope our CFC lab will bring a win-win collaboration by connecting markets and technology between China and the U.S. We are for sure that Tianyi will provided practical opportunities for new technology, new ideas, new concepts of MIT.”

 Jiang Zhu
Assistant President, Tusincere Science City Investment Group Co., Ltd

“CFC lab fosters new research and education, identifies innovative concepts and develops innovative tools, technologies and solutions relevant to China’s unique urbanization challenges. Tusincere will combine the academic resources, innovation strength and entrepreneurial ecology, drive industry-academia-research interaction, and support various products and services to be landed in China.

Li Fang
Vice President, Zall Group;CEO, Zall Land

“As the biggest developing country in the world, China will face a big challenge to enhance both quantity and quality of its development in the long future. China is actively seeking for “China schemes” of systematic and integrated urban development oriented to future technology and industry revolution. We believe the China Future City Lab can definitely become the innovation pioneer in future urban development in both U.S and China.”


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